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Enter MY Video Library here to view my favorite videos. They are some of my favorite sources of data and video demonstrations of new technology in its' developmental stages. You may find some of these links to be quite useful, if not invaluable; in your personal research and development.  For the best presentation I have ever come accross on LENR; or Low Energy Nuclear Reaction  technology; I invite you to visit Lewis G.Larsens' presentations at  For some quite remarkable and comparable Condensed Plasma Fusion technology with no radioactive by products or emissions that shows great promise; I highly encourage you to visit the Focus Fusion Group  at . You may also want to take a look at for some Very Efficient and Effective energy production technology that shows promise to deliver the "Clean Safe Energy" that nuclear fusion has long sought provide. BLP does this without the harmful radioactive materials and radio active contaminated  waste byproducts. For the most effective Back EMF Resolution Technology I have observed; visit my colleague Thane Hines at Potential Difference Inc. Canada  at work in his lab at .  By far my favorite website for a vast collection of energy related technologies is Rex Research at . My favorite publications on Current Scientific Breakthroughs and Reports will be found  at, and more of the same in R&D Magazine at ; as well as Kurzweil Accellerating Intelligence at  .  Physics and Space Exploration data available is at . Felix Ehrenhafts' works on magnetic monopoles as well as magnetrolysis water seperation is  found at . A very good Open Source Online University for Advanced Energy R&D with How To Courses is readily available at . One of the most useful and one of my personal favorite tech  research links; will  be found at . Visit  for using water as fuel. For some very good hydrogen production technology you may wish to visit Howard Phillips at  . For a comprehensive collection of Advanced Technology visit JNL Labs at . Another all time favorite would be ; Pure Energy Systems Network at .  You may also find a very useful website for efficient and effective energy devices. I also,readily & highly  reccommend as a very educational website for advanced energy data. Another one of my favorites is where you will of course find  an open forum and abundant information on zero point energy . An absolute, must visit; is of course Tom Beardens' website at: where you will find some rather vital data on extracting energy from the vacuum & his "MEG" or motionless electromagnetic generator and much much more. Also directly related to Mr. Beardens work and highly reccommended by him I urge you to visit  The Alpha Institute For Advanced Study where you will find a wealth of publications relevant to the corrections to the flawed theory mankind is burdened with in contemporary electromechanical designs and the subject of physics itself; as well as some rather convincing data on the completion of the Unified Field Theory. Edmund T. Whittakers  publication of "A History of The Theories of Aether and Electricity" as reccommended by Tom Bearden as reference material; will be found available for download at ;  as well as at ; this publication will also prove to be of considerable value in the understanding of the "ECE" Theory as presented at "The Alpha Institute For Advanced Study" with regard to Maxwells' ommitted equations. One could enjoy more Maxwell at ; for his origional quaternionic equations; as well as his origional "Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism" Volumes 1 and 2. I also look forward to the resurection of; The Institute For New Energy . When it comes to my favorite Advanced Energy Publications; I do recommend; the   magazine "Infinite Energy"; which you will easily find available at  has very cutting edge advanced energy R&D and Great Articles. I also do reccommend the Extraordinary Technology Magazine you will find at as you may suspect by its' title there is a lot of Tesla; as well as a host of countless others'  advanced  technology to be enjoyed here. Furthemore; for the Aether aficianado, Try Harold Aspden for a rather extensive study on Aether Technology and his physics with Aspden wherein he presents some rather interesting data himself as to the completion of the "Unified Field Theory" of his own design. Quantum Physics Simplified? There are of course; Aether and ; Aethmogen for Dr. Robert Adams motor/generator and data on Magnetism as it pertains to the field of Aether.You may also benefit greatly for having visited  Paulo and Alejandra Correas' works in and with Aether  as it has been applied at  . is the Official and Definitive source for Thomas Townsend Browns' works on electrohydrodynamics. I can suggest one visit Alex Pettys' site at where you will find some very interesting data on Edward Leedskalnins' Coral Castle and Jeremy Strides' work on Code 144 and Secrets of the Universe that is intrigueing. The work on prime number sets as it relates to Leedskalnins' work. For an excellent source of free energy technology as well as its social and philosophical implications and rammifications; visit Free-Energy. For even more good works on non radio active fusion techniques; you may go to . For Viktor Schaubergers' data on vortices, electromagnetics; and gravitational waves;  visit . Another Unified Field Theory as proposed by Dr. Konstantin Meyl is at as well as an off axis electron power generation technique. For a rather extensive compilation of Teslas' data and a collection of Nikola Teslas' patents and such diverse technology as Orbitally Rearranged Mon-Atomic Elements  ORMES "David Hudson" Lectures etc.& whiskers materials by Dr. John Melewski and Tommys' Resonant Coil Project; I can sincerely recommend that one take the  highly educational and enjoyable journey  into Tommy Cichanowskis' various websites and links starting with a favorite . I believe that you will also  probably find Dr. James B. Schwartz' work on the EER Flux Generator and at very interesting. A very good site for Free Energy Devices may be found at you will find an abundance of useful data here. For a downloadable copy of T.H. Moray's "The Sea of Energy In Which The Earth Floats";you can go to .To learn about John Searls advanced magnetic propulsion applications try visiting his website at . For a veritable cornucopia of free energy devices I have enjoyed; you may visit  Patrick J. Kellys' website: and enjoy his "Practical Guide To Free Energy Devices".  For some intriguing data and  video demonstrations of Spatial Energy Coherence energy research one may feel free to visit . I will from time to time update this site and its links. I do hope you find some of the data here of some use; in your pursuit of Advanced Energy Research & Development. May this world be forever enriched by your efforts.    

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